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  • 28 Jun
    How much is a page? – The perennial page price

    The question keeps coming: What does 1 page cost you? What is your page price? Short and sweet as it is clear that there would be only the 1 page and each page would cost as much as another page: 1 page bibliography = 1 page Conclusion (which implicitly assumes that the bibliography costs nothing, even if it is work makes). Sometimes something becomes more specific: How much does a page cost for a master’s thesis or a page for a bachelor’s thesis or homework, study work, etc.

    But honestly, – what do you want to start with 1 page?


    I can understand that you want to know what a professionally created design costs. Because from where should one know, which investments are necessary, if one does not have so much experience itself.

    So you simply search the Internet for page prices for scientific work. What you will find are page prices of 70, – € up and also prices well below. Some prices are so low that you have to ask yourself which individual scientific achievement you can expect for it … or if there is just copy & paste in it.

    Not only from the study you know: 1. “stinginess is cool!” And 2. “greed eat the brain!” Nevertheless, one should think twice, – where the provider knows what effort with my topic, taking into account my contentual needs and Specifications, considering my appointment structure is connected, – he does not know all that, but he knows what costs 1 page. Should not that make you wonder?


    Have you ever calculated the page price of your textbook or that of your favorite book or a specialist article? Or have you ever calculated the word price or the letter price for these? Or did you calculate the centimeter price of your bike, or the price for an inch or a pixel of your display on your tablet or smartphone? Or have you ever experienced paintings offered by the price per square meter? No??? And why? … yes, of course you can divide everything by everything, but that does not make any sense! And these details are not really meaningful!

    Although one can calculate a mass price for mass-produced items such as copy or toilet paper, because each sheet looks like the other. But even with mass-produced items such as smartphones, tablets, one has to ask oneself whether these calculations make sense and whether one can really make statements about performance and quality.

    For individually created scientific papers – incl. The outline draft or synopsis to be agreed upon, automated content, illustrations, tables, abbreviations and bibliographies – which are geared to a very specific topic, must take into account specific formal and content requirements and in a very specific Timeframe is to create, one can not assume a flat-rate page price! Because no one wants a sweeping mass work that has been reproduced a thousand times and you just have to get out of the warehouse before it dusted, right?


    Good reasons for quality and individuality

    We take the time to clarify the task with you – because to get what you want, we need to know what you want! When time is short, it must be clear what to do. Therefore, we clarify with you:

    • Theme,
    • Subject area,
    • Level,
    • specifications, wishes,
    • Events,
    • possibly preliminary work, etc., which we can / should take over.

    Based on your individual specifications, we calculate your effort and your price!

    We like to do that in a timely manner in order not to lose time or to invest as much of the remaining time in your preparation.

    You only pay your price, – and avoid spending on flat rates. Thus we can calculate a fair and favorable price for you! And with the best service and highest quality!

    With flat rates is always the danger, you pay too much and for others, – or you pay too little, which motivates no author of the world!


    Often there is a lack of supervision, the students feel left alone and overwhelmed with the topic elaboration, the outline draft or a draft for their work. Sometimes private problems also play a role; The death of a loved one, divorces, separations, quarrels, relocations etc. are not exactly conducive to concentrating on a scientific work. Health reasons can also affect the ability to exercise enormously. And sometimes you just want to see how such a topic is professionally tackled, so as not to make crucial mistakes and then have to accept cuts.