A complete bachelor thesis in three days – is that possible?

Many things are possible, many things can be done – if enough time is available. The factor of time can be the deciding factor as to whether a scientific work can be successfully completed … or whether it must fail miserably. We’ll show you the critical time factors that you, or we as an academic ghostwriter, need to master. This will give you time!


The time is running. Therefore, take the time to read our blog post on the critical time factors. You win: time!

“A complete bachelor thesis in three days – is that possible?” Again and again we get such and similar questions: “What does a housework cost, completion by tomorrow?”, “Can you write a master thesis until next week?”, Etc., etc. Maybe you know the situation from personal experience, that is still a lot to write for the exam or bachelor thesis, but your time is running out.

Often there are understandable reasons why you yourself did not progress as quickly as you thought: health problems, sometimes additional private difficulties, the death of a loved one or you just underestimated the effort. At the latest then you get the idea to contact a professional for a ghostwriting. Because for an academic ghostwriter, a text professional, it should not be a problem to write a good job in no time. Yes, academic ghostwriters have years of experience writing scientific papers, so they can work on complex topics more effectively and more quickly, they are “trained” to work under time pressure, but the laws of nature also apply to ghostwriting. Ghostwriters can not do magic, but have to be scientifically sound … and that takes time! Time for the important and decisive steps in your work.

Time for the research

The beginning of any scientific work is research. You can be seen by “Professor Google” texts, but he is little picky and does not really pay close attention to the citability of his hits. Google is about keywords, not science.

Helpful are already there databases that provide specific texts or sometimes only the title.

The walk in libraries is still a proven way to well-founded sources. There literature can be researched and read. Books then have to be ordered and picked up – and out of ten books are often more than half borrowed, noted, stolen, in repair, not findable or not lendable in handsets. It costs all the time, – the beginner we the ghostwriter.

It may also be necessary to contact companies to obtain specific information, numbers, data, facts, etc. for the bachelor thesis or master thesis. And that may take some time to decide who can and should say something.

Time for the outline design

Whether housework or master thesis, whether bachelor thesis or project work: Man / woman now needs an outline. It is the concept for the simple seminar work up to the complex doctoral thesis. It shows how the topic is tackled, which aspects are addressed and how the research question is worked up. In short, the outline is the “roadmap” for the scientific work to be done. It is more appropriate to speak / write about an outline draft, because the outline at the beginning is usually not identical with the table of contents of the weeks and months later finished thesis, – but more on that later.

Basically, there are two models for structuring. Let’s call one model the “red wine model” and the other the “blood-sweat-tear model”.

With the “red wine model” one thinks of a bottle of red wine as an outline, which becomes more and more fantastic from one drink to the next, from glass to glass. That’s a lot of fun – especially with a good drop – and you only need red wine, glass, paper and pencil, – also works with other intoxicating drinks.

The “Blood Sweat Tears Model” is not so much fun. For it is more time-consuming to visit libraries, to research, read and evaluate literature, and to design a logically structured structure from all – sometimes contradictory, incoherent, (still) not matching – information. It takes a lot more … especially time!

And why should one do this stress? Because it’s the only working way – for beginners and for academic ghostwriters! Because I have researched the literature needed for the implementation of the outline and already lying on the desk. I can start with that … but not so fast.

Time for the clarification of the outline draft

It’s good to have a well-designed outline draft. But since it does not matter what you think about it, it is important to ask the one who will ultimately decide: care.

I know that this is a sensitive point, but it is the job of the care to take care of the students, that they successfully finish the term paper, bachelor thesis, master thesis etc. The minimum service is to look at the outline design and to find out whether it fits in with the concept of care or whether other aspects should be included or reduced, whether specific literature (reinforced) considered or ignored by the very specific “poison cabinet author” Some care can do it within minutes and they are very constructive – some take weeks and months to do so, giving up sibylline puzzles reminiscent of pot-tapping at children’s birthday parties. Since it can be a laborious guessing game until you can guess what the care really wants. And that can take a tremendous amount of time to redefine the outline once, twice, three times, four times, and finally tune it up. This time is missing for the next and important step, – in the implementation of the outline design.

Time for the implementation of the outline design

Once the structure has been clarified, it can finally start: Now it is up to the implementation of the outline draft or the actual preparation of the scientific work. Let’s face it – a lot of time, know-how and energy have to be spent before the first line can be written. This also applies to ghostwriting. But this investment pays off! Because in contrast to the “red wine model”, I can now fall back on my previous achievements and get started unerring, the outline points with my collected literature to implement step by step.

With my “red wine model”, however, I can get many problems: First, I may find no to no sufficient literature that is meaningful and quotable. And second, I have a “blunt” outline that I can not translate. Thirdly, therefore, I have to draw up a new outline draft, which I then have to clarify fourthly with my supervision, which certainly is not thrilled with having to deal with a new structure, because it costs their time. In addition, it does not make a convincing impression when I try again the care and must admit that I’ve screwed up. This is not a promising start!

In the implementation of the outline design, one will experience the experience that comes with more intense reading on other important aspects of the topic, that one encounters other even more exciting literature. In short, you work more deeply and learn in weeks and months. If that does not happen, something went wrong! Therefore, it is quite normal for the outline design to be adjusted in the course of creation, to change … and not to be identical in the end with the table of contents at the beginning of the work. That should not scare a (beginner), – that’s quite normal … at least for the professionals and ghostwriters!

The writing of a thesis, seminar paper, bachelor thesis, master thesis up to the doctoral thesis takes most of the time. On the one hand, there is the time to create the text, but sometimes it takes a surprising (much to a lot of) time to solve problems with word processing, to work in graphic programs or tools, etc. It can happen that sometimes Internet does not work, because the router has given up the ghost, which you have to change at short notice, laptops or PCs strike, crash hard drives, USB memory are no longer responsive, etc. Nobody wants that, but still happens … and takes all the time, maybe a lot of time! It should be synonymous sometimes files (accidentally) overwritten and deleted. Security fanatics therefore book bank safes to keep backups as safe as possible if the dorm is struck by lightning. After all, a “cloud” somewhere in nowhere is not to be trusted.

Not to be underestimated are so-called “writer’s blockades”: even writers of world literature such as Ernest Hemingway, Douglas Adams and Fyodor Dostoyevsky were not immune from it. Then one sits for hours, days or weeks and does not get any further letters. Ghostwriters, through years of experience, have a few tricks on how to handle this challenge.

If the bachelor thesis, master thesis or homework has finally arrived at the last chapter, it is far from finished, even if the bibliography is then created and the illustrations, tables, etc. are updated.

Time for revision, editing, formalities and formatting

It is strongly recommended to schedule time for corrections etc. Even if the nerves at the end are sometimes blank, it still takes time and energy to read the text created critically. Content: Is the reasoning logical? Is the research question really answered? Is the so-called “red thread” correct? Formal: Are spelling, punctuation, grammar, and style correct? Is the citation style applied correctly – font, size, line spacing and margins? Even formatting guidelines can make you sweat a lot, and little things can be time-consuming. After all, the job of a typesetter was a training occupation, – this know-how can not be easily shaken out of the sleeve. Also you should or must take your time! Ghostwriters master their tools through years of experience.

Time for the plagiarism test

Even if you have taken great care to cite all texts properly, all sources used correctly, it is recommended to perform a plagiarism test at the end or have them carried out. Because over the course of weeks and months, one or the other source may have been overlooked in stress or accidentally deleted, or one or the other preliminary passage may have slipped out of a source collection. Therefore, one should make sure with a plagiarism test that the text is in order and can be submitted with the best of knowledge and conscience. If there are any indications in the test that one or the other passage has “oddities”, you can correct them in good time.

Such a test is relatively fast, – for the evaluation, a trained eye should test the test results, because it is not enough to press a button. – we are happy to assist you.

Time for printing, binding, copies etc.

This is usually fast. The paper print takes only minutes, copies in the professional copy shop can be created quickly. And even a bound copy of the bachelor thesis is feasible within hours. A linen cover with embossed gold letters of the master thesis takes a bit longer. Copy shops and binders are grateful for alerts.

Take time, time, time …!

In these time steps small and large scientific works are created. Whether it’s simple housework or bachelor thesis, master thesis or doctoral thesis, these time-steps are necessary … and take time. Of course you can trick: Refrain from literature research, save the outline design and just start writing. Even with copy & paste it’s faster, because plagiarising is easier than neat citation, but that takes its toll, flies up … and may cost another semester … at least a lot, a lot more time!

Time & Scheduling Writing & Ghostwriting

If you look at the steps, you realize quickly – it’s not that fast to put a really well-founded thesis on paper within a few days. The chairs provide a timeframe for this … and it is expected that this period will be invested. Fully invested! Because these time limits are calculated sporty tight. Finally, one should show his know-how and ability in competition with others. Therefore, the time is to use – not for holidays, party, power-relaxing etc., but for the bachelor thesis or master thesis! Every day counts! After all, the topics are set in such a way that you have to go full steam right away to have enough time for literature analysis, evaluation, structure preparation, revision, etc. Because these steps all need one thing: time! And that must be well planned.

Even academic ghostwriters have to work through these time-steps, – to divide the time optimally. Although you can be more practiced, you also need sufficient time for these phases. Because even ghostwriting must not skip a step. Although academic ghostwriters are faster and can compensate for delays. They are used to working through the night or a few days to keep their schedule. Ghostwriting is not magic – it is intensive scientific work!

We do not shy away from working on public holidays and on weekends. We are also available for so-called express orders – but that has its price. We like to invest enough time in your work, because this is good for the Bachelor Thesis as well as the Master Thesis. Of course, we give full throttle to complete your Bachelor Thesis or Master thesis on time! We have met all deadlines so far – but we have not accepted all orders.

Time for our conclusion

As we can see, time is a significant factor in the entire process of creating a scholarly work – from simple homework to challenging thesis work (exam thesis, bachelor thesis, master thesis, doctoral thesis). Therefore, we examine all inquiries exactly, whether we can do them reliably in the desired time. We know what we can do … and also what we can not afford. We take every scientific work seriously, including yours! For this we want and must plan enough time or make the most of the remaining time frame. Ask us in good time – even better: early.